Life Insurance

Who needs it?

Everyone who loves someone! Although most people think of life insurance only as a way to keep a spouse and children afloat in case of the untimely death of a wage earner, life insurance is the solution to many other financial predicaments i.e., providing for the future of a special needs child, funding buy-sell agreements, indemnifying the loss of a key employee, paying off debts, providing liquidity for estate taxes, equalizing an inheritance among heirs, leaving a legacy to family or charities, providing an alternative to seeking a bank loan, or collateralizing financial obligations.


A much overlooked benefit of life insurance is the money saving option it affords when planning pension options.


What kind of life insurance? permanent or term? Why the difference in premiums for seemingly similar policies? We can explain the differences and help you decide what type of life insurance makes the most sense for you. We work with many insurance companies and will find you the best solution based upon your age, health and the desired length of coverage.

Did you know that some life insurance policies can also provide money for living benefits like chronic health conditions or terminal illnesses?

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