Especially for employers

Rising costs are causing employers, large and small, to rethink how benefits are delivered at the work place. Companies today are unable to foot the entire bill for comprehensive benefit packages, yet providing benefits at the workplace is still a key to attracting and retaining talented employees.



Whether you have 100 or 10,000 employees we offer services that drive down administrative costs, increase employee satisfaction, fill the gap in your benefits program and enhance your employees’ awareness of critical corporate messages or benefit communications.

We have the capability for:


Pre-enrollment communications; electronic, video, animation, interactivity

One-on-one/call center/web-based (assisted/non-assisted)

We can provide at no cost to you*

Benefits administration/enrollment systems

Dependent verification/audit

Total compensation statements

401(k) participation

HDHP/core enrollment communication

Benefit Booklets

Wellness participation/engagement

Other marketing/employee communications

*depending upon the size of your organization

Sharing the cost of benefits with employees is usually met with dissatisfaction because employees are unaware of the extent to which benefits are subsidized by the company. Additionally, they are not used to paying for that which had previously been provided to them at no cost.


Effective communicationMost recently companies have tried offering voluntary benefits to fill the gaps in benefit packages, but that alone does not solve the lack of employee understanding and/or dissatisfaction with their entire pay and benefit packages. The reason being, that in spite of the very best efforts of human resources personnel, there is no way to ensure communication materials that are costly to produce are actually being read and understood by the intended targeted audience.


Successfully enrolling employees in voluntary programs, that are payroll deducted, can also create an administrative and costly nightmare to the employer unless they are executed properly and with an understanding of their effects on precious HR and payroll resources.

There is no monetary cost to the employer

The key to the success of such an effort is a commitment from the employer to deliver a corporate message/priority to all employees in one of the flexible methods described above. While this message is being communicated employees will also be given an opportunity to learn more about, and purchase, voluntary benefits that will help them address their and/or their family’s unique financial security needs.


We work with employers to develop the customized communication message, whatever that may be, educate and train our salaried enrollers in your entire benefits package so that your employees can be reminded of the importance of their benefits and help them become more knowledgeable, and therefore more appreciative of what your offer beyond just their base pay.

The power of this approach is undeniable – see the slide above that summaries the results of a study completed by Watson Wyatt which highlights the power of communication – even when employee’s benefits may not be the most comprehensive.