About Us


Diagram of good practiceGuideINS was founded 15 years ago for the purpose of helping people understand risk management and make intelligent decisions regarding which risks they are willing to take and what risks they wish to transfer to an insurance company.


Over the past twenty years it has become increasingly difficult for consumers to decide where to turn for advice about risk management. Some insurance companies advertise their products and concentrate on low cost only. Reporters who report on financial matters often simplify complex issues thus giving incomplete advice. Finding a well rounded financial advisor can be challenging because some specialize in investment advice and offer insurance as a minor part of the entire financial plan while others specialize in insurance but have limited investment expertise. Some advisors offer comprehensive financial plans but may not be well versed in product.


Because we believe you cannot be expert at all things, we limit our practice to protecting families from the financial consequences of an untimely death or financial loss due to illness or accidents. By limiting our offerings, our clients can be assured they are getting specific advice they can rely upon and products that meet their risk tolerances and budgets.


We fill the gaps in benefit plans for both individuals and employers.






Lynn Lavender has been an insurance professional for the past 20 years. In addition to working with individuals and businesses, she was selected to be a member of the original national team of only 17 that introduced the Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program to federal employees, annuitants and military personnel.


Lynn also conducted presentations at many Fortune 500 companies during their Long Term Care open enrollment meetings. For a period of four years Lynn was the business development manager for one of the nation’s largest long term care insurance companies and was responsible for their sales at major financial institutions in the New York Metro area.
Based upon her experience and knowledge, she is a much sought out speaker and has made presentations to many professional organizations. Her speaking credits include presentations at the NY Women’s Bar Association, NYS Governor’s Office, NY CFP® Forum, NY Association of Security Analysts among others.


In addition to conducting continuing education classes to other insurance professionals and accountants, Lynn is also a resource for them.