What we do

We specialize in finding the best insurance coverage for you based upon your goals and budget. By thoroughly explaining the differences between seemingly similar products, you can be assured of making informed decisions. Read more about us.


For Employers

If employees don’t value and/or understand the benefits package you provide, if your communications program is costly and not getting the results you would like, or if your administrative costs are getting out of hand, we may be able to drive down those costs.

Life Insurance

It is not a pleasant thought to contemplate one’s own death. Responsible people however, put their obligations ahead of thoughts that are discomforting.

Long Term Care Insurance (LTCI)

We are facing a national crisis as the nation’s population ages. Less than 10% of Americans have prepared themselves for the probability of developing a chronic health condition at some point in their lives. Chronic illnesses often require services that are not paid by traditional health insurance or Medicare and are very costly.


Does your private insurance coverage adequately fill any gaps in your employer’s benefits package? Or are you over insured?

Life Settlements

More often than not, people forget that their life insurance is an asset that has real monetary value. If you need cash more than you need life insurance or if you no longer want to pay premiums on your life insurance, consider a life settlement. Your life insurance could provide new-found cash.


As life expectancy continues to increase, as company pensions become rare and as Social Security as we know it remains in jeopardy, many people are turning to annuities for the guarantees they provide.